Sunday, 13 May 2012

Clean up!

Hi all! Just want to say thanks to all my followers for reading my blog. I am going to be going through my list of blogs that I follow and unfollowing a few, as it seems many people drop by my blog saying "follow me" and then they don't follow me back (Could I use the word "follow" any more in a sentence!? Lol!)

I also seem to be following a lot of blogs that are in foreign languages without a translation, I'm afraid I'm typically lazy and don't want to run posts through a translator so I'll be unfollowing some unless they're about things that really interest me.

I'm mainly here to follow beauty blogs. Fashion doesn't interest me so much. If fashion bloggers want to follow me I really do appreciate it, though. I will follow a few but not a great deal. I'm bad at fashion, I usually just wear whatever I want and don't follow trends religiously. :)

I don't blog every day and am rarely online so a lot of blogs I follow seem to slip through the net on my reading list, which isn't really fair and another reason for a clean up!

Just so this post isn't text-only, here is a nail polish you all must see! I'm late to the party on holographic nail polishes I know, but I love this one. It's by Nfu Oh! and the shade is 61.
I apologise for the state of the skin around my cuticles, I haven't really looked after my hands very well since my surgery!

Bye bye for now!


  1. Cleaning up is a good idea.. I follow so many blogs it's hard to keep up. I use Google Reader to divide them all in to categories so that if I only want to read beauty ones I can select that category to view. I don't know what I do without that!

    I've never heard of Nfu Oh before, can they be bought in stores or only online? It looks gorgeous.

    1. Ooh, dividing into categories... that's a really good idea that I hadn't thought of! I think I'll try it :) Thanks! :)

      I'm not sure if Nfu Oh can be bought in stores, I haven't come across them anywhere :) I bought online. They have some lovely colours!

  2. I like your post, know how you feel, i'm getting back to blogging and it is bit hard going, I do cull who I follow too, some people obviously have too many followers and don't need new ones.

    Anyways like your blog and profile going to follow now.

    mine is nicki fannings blog if you wanna drop it out.

    greetings from dublin xnicki

    1. Hi Nicki from Dublin :D (my other half originates from there!)

      Yes I often wonder about those with hundreds of followers looking for more! I mean, it's great to have followers, but the whole point is to read the blogs, right? ;D Lol

      I will check your blog out, thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. Hi Faye Thats my sentiment exactly, its bout the blogs, but obviously for some its all about numbers. Us Irish do get around lol. Thanks for following. xnicki

  3. I think so too, a clean up on our blogging list is necessary once in a while. Nice nailpolish by the way!

    1. Thank you!
      A necessary job but a difficult one, lol!


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